The project’s Urban Living Labs

Six Urban Living Labs are being implemented within SubUrbanLab: three in Alby (Sweden) and three in Peltosaari (Finland). More information about each Urban Living Lab can be found below.


Shape your world

The urban living lab “Shape your world” provides children and young adults (age 12-18) with the opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding of sustainable development and urban gardening while participating in renewing their urban environment.

New light on Alby Hill

The urban living lab “New light on Alby Hill” focuses on how using new LED technology and light installations can transform a walkway lined by vegetation in Alby Hill, an area that the residents now perceive as insecure, into a more attractive and popular area. Find out more and participate in discussion on the New light on Alby Hill project site.

Vacant Space Alby

The urban living lab “Vacant Space Alby” involves a broad range of stakeholders, including residents, in the design and planning of temporary activities (10 -15 years) to be implemented on a vacant 18 000 m2 space in central Alby. Residents and other stakeholders will be involved in the design of activities, based on local needs, using workshops and web-based co-creation tools. Find out more and participate in discussion on the Vacant Space Alby website.


Energetic co-operation

The urban living lab “Energetic co-operation” focuses on finding ways in collaboration with residents for decreasing energy use in (rental) apartment buildings, without making life difficult or decreasing the quality of living. Discussion events with residents and other stakeholders will be arranged to find out energy saving ideas and best ways to share information about energy efficient living. The goal is to provide more detailed information about the energy use in apartment buildings in Peltosaari and to contribute to controlling the living costs.

Sustainable decisions

The urban living lab “Sustainable decisions” brings together decision makers and municipality representatives in Riihimäki. The group is finding out ways for how city’s energy and climate targets could be better and more actively taken into account in the decision making. The goal is to identify the practical steps needed to reach the city’s targets for energy efficiency, renewable energy and life cycle approach. Seminars bringing together decision makers and city representatives, and activating dialogue and co-development around the topics will be arranged, and ideas for improving the practices will be gathered.

Together more

The urban living lab “Together more” focuses on providing local residents with easy possibilities to participate to the planning and development of their environment and arranging local activities. One of these targets is to plan and create “a living room” for the local residents. The goal is to improve the appreciation of the area and to increase the communal feeling among the residents. Several types of activities will be piloted during the ULL. Residents will also be invited to discussion events and to influence the plans concerning the area.