Voting for the favorite image ongoing on Albyberget!

During December stakeholders in Alby have been able to send in images on the theme “Our Alby” as suggestions for lightening up stonewalls along a walkway on Albyberget. Now the voting has started!

A total of 20 images were submitted and six have been selected for the voting. Two of the images will be the winners and be lit up on one stone wall each. Voting is now underway on and will be open to the public until March 8.

The vote is part of the ULL “New light on Alby Hill” where new LED technology and light images are used on Albyberget in order to increase the sense of safety and energy efficiency. The walkway is an important route for residents who walk to the subway and Alby Centre from Albyberget. Residents has expressed that the walkway feels dark and unsafe.

– The idea of using ​​light images is to create a positive experience while the images act as part of the new improved walkway lighting, says Anja Karlsson at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.


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