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Report on the assessment of the suitability of different Urban Living Labs methods is available

The purpose of this report is to give an overview of the methods utilized in the project and how they have been applied in different contexts. The aim is also to provide viewpoints on how to select methods and what kinds of factors should be considered when planning participatory activities in Urban Living Labs focusing on sustainable development in suburbs. The focus in this report is on presenting the wide variety of methods and examples of their utilization. A wider perspective on suitability of the Urban Living Lab approach and evaluation of the actions will be discussed in the report “Evaluation of the Urban Living Labs in Alby and Peltosaari”.
The methods that were most used for involving stakeholders in the Urban Living Lab activities of this project were interviews, questionnaires and workshops (face-to-face). This was due to the characteristics of the planned activities and the target groups to be engaged.
The expectations of the outcome of the methods were in most cases met. Even when the number of participants was smaller than aimed at, it usually turned out that the result was nevertheless good. A great concern is representativeness of the involved group in cases where it is essential. The emphasis on the participatory activities in the ULLs of this study was on “Understanding people and issues” and “Generating ideas” which is reflected by the selected methods.
This report is targeted for anyone planning or launching participatory activities related to urban planning or other development projects in urban context – municipalities, housing companies and researchers, but it can be equally interesting for companies, third sector actors and researchers with a bit different focus in their endeavours

Find the report here

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